Experience Natural Potpourri from The Herb Lady

In 1981 while working with an herbalist, before the label “aromatherapy” became a part of popular culture, I realized that each herb and flower has its own special visual and sensory quality. And that along with this, scent has the power to stir memories, soothe, calm, and touch upon the emotions. Playing with botanicals and combining scents became a way to put these elements together. My life with potpourri began!

I develop my potpourri recipes based on inspiration of a color combination, a word, a scent, or a mood. “Clarity” potpourri, for example, was inspired by crisp clear colors and fragrances. “Joy of Life” potpourri is comprised of brightly colored flowers and herbs, with a scent that is uplifting. “Dreams” potpourri is light and airy, delicate, with soft colors and soft scent, with its own dreamlike quality. The goal is to create a delightful sensory experience.

While most commercial potpourri is laden with large pod-like botanicals and woodchips, I keep my blends pure, using real flowers and herbs with their natural colors. Nothing is artificially colored, there are no dyed woodchip fillers or fake perfume-y scents. Many pure essential oils are used in their creation, and I strive to make the aromas natural and refreshing.

How to use potpourri? Place it around the house year-round in decorative bowls, baskets, and sachets. Put sachets in drawers to scent clothes, or in musty closets and furniture to create a nice fresh scent. For a great smelling ride keep sachets in your car! You can even use my potpourri to simmer on a stovetop, especially nice during the Autumn and Winter months. I even have one that makes an excellent moth-chaser for clothing.

The Herb Lady potpourris last anywhere from two months to many years, depending on how they are used and the environment they’re in. In a sachet in a drawer, potpourri will last for years. The blends can be revived with matching refresher oils, so you can make them as strong as you like whenever you want.

You can find The Herb Lady products online, at fine craft shows throughout the Northeast and Midatlantic regions of the US, and in stores throughout the country. Please check out our wholesale potpourri information page if you wish to carry my products in your store.

“Virtual smell” may never become a reality, but I try to make the website come alive in a way that can allow you to use your imagination to smell all the wonderful smells and see all the beautiful colors and textures of my potpourri. I hope you enjoy the experience!

Thank you for visiting, and happy smelling!
Melissa Lettick
The Herb Lady