Organic Catnip

Meow Wow Organic Catnip

We often experience burglars overnight at our outdoor craft shows…. CATS!  They find their way into boxes filled with sacks of our catnip, break open our packets of catnip, and what we arrive to find in the morning is a big mess of catnip all over the place.  They are drawn from who-knows-where by the enticingly earthy-minty aroma of our primo organic catnip, aka “Meow Wow!”  Even the most finicky cats seem to go wild over this great product.

  • Meow WOW! Organic Catnip

    Meow WOW! Organic Catnip

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  • Meow Wow Organic Catnip Linen Sack

    Meow Wow Organic Catnip Linen Sack

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