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Potpourri Refresher Oils

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Refresher Oils are terrific to have on hand to refresh potpourri at any moment. Our potpourris are long-lasting, but they will eventually start loosing their scent and will need the extra “oomph” that Refresher Oils offer to be revived. We have a matching oil for every potpourri blend that we make.

How To Use The Herb Lady Refresher Oils To Revive Tired Potpourri

  • • To a handful of potpourri, use 5-10 drops of oil.
  • • If you keep your potpourri in a bowl or a basket, and you don’t mind that some oil may get on the container itself, refresh it directly in that container. Otherwise, place your potpourri in a roomy plastic bag.
  • • Drop the desired amount of oil evenly onto the potpourri and toss it with your hands as if you’re tossing a salad. Gently moisten every flower and herb as you disperse the oil. WASH YOUR HANDS WELL AFTER EACH USE. You may wish to use rubber gloves when using the oils since some of our oils are spicy and your skin may be sensitive to them.
  • • If you’re leaving the potpourri open in a ceramic bowl or basket, you can replace the blend back into its container right away. If you’re using the potpourri in a cloth bag or sachet or in a light-colored basket, wait a day or two to return it its container, since the oils may be moist enough to stain the fabric.
  • • Refresh your potpourri as needed.

More tips for using our Refresher Oils:

  • • You can use this oil in oil diffusers of all kinds.
  • • Using a cotton ball dab drops of the oil here and there on the underside of wood shelves, or on interior walls of chests and drawers, even around the edges of closet door frames to add scent to any space. This is especially effective in musty cabinets, etc. Be sure to use it only where you won’t mind if it stains the wood, since it can leave a mark where it’s placed.