To The Herb Lady…

To The Herb Lady,

Just wanted you to know how much I love your products. I ordered extra Wooly Bully because I have an infestation of moths and I know it will at least chase them away if not kill them (I hope). It’s done so well in the past. Yes, I have purchased from you before at the Sugarloaf fairs (I am so sad they had to close down) and I have been so impressed with how long everything holds its scent. I am glad, so glad, you are holding on through this difficult time and I hope you will be around for years to come.

The craft fairs introduced me to The Herb Lady, and many other wonderful artisans. And I hope to be able to support your business and many others I’ve met over the years at Sugarloaf. Keep on keeping on! For this time will surely come to an end, and hopefully better days are ahead.

Thank you for a great product!
KS, Odenton, Maryland  8/11/2020

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