It’s late and I should be getting to bed, but I just unpacked my delivery and had to e-mail you straight away. Smell is such an amazing sense, isn’t it?  I’m so beside myself with joy my eyes are tearing (and I was the only one dry-eyed in the theatre during a Notebook showing).  I haven’t been able to go back to Montana, where I grew up, for close to 20 years.  Forest Path is so fresh, so natural, so purely delightful…I feel like I’m walking through the forest to go play at my friend’s house a few acres over after a sprinkle of rain yet again, all these years later.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  My only regret is that I can’t leave it out in a bowl for fear my sporadically unintelligent cat will think it is a snack; it’s so gorgeous.  It still looks very pretty in the satchets, which I’ve hung around the house, tossed in my bags, and draped over the top of my tower fan – I even have one ready to put in the car in the morning!  I can’t thank you enough.
Yours truly,

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