I just received my order & can’t express in words how happy I am! I have been using potpourri (sometimes even trying to make my own) and essential oils for years & these are outstanding. Wonderful fragrance & beautiful too – hits both senses in the best ways possible. I will be ordering more for gifts.

Deborah Stitt

Just Perfect!

I ordered four packets of potpourri and I am delighted with each one. I have a small crystal dish of the blue lilac on my dresser and the scent evokes childhood memories of New England. My daughter in law has Mama’s Sweet Vanilla in an antique bowl in her kitchen. I have set aside the other two choices to have on hand for “just because” gifts.

The product is visually beautiful and scented so subtly and naturally. The order was packaged with care in a charming gift wrap. Thank you so much.

Christine, Upstate N.Y.

Christine VanDyne

The only place I’ll order, from now on!

Dear Herb Lady,

This is my first order, and will most definitely not be my last! You ticked every box on my list. Scent, color, packaging and ease of website use!! I am very thankful to be able to customize my entire order, and I know my sisters will enjoy getting The Herb Lady Potpourri for Christmas this year! My only quandary now….is which ones to order next!

I thoroughly enjoy the Mattie’s Herb Garden, it’s the first one I opened. Waiting to be poured out are Lavenderwood and Forest Path.

Looking forward to Fall and all of the delicious scents that await!

Tiffany from Wayland, MI

Tiffany Troher


I actually feel guilty that it’s taken me so many years of loving this potpourri to post a testimonial. I literally can’t imagine a better product. I put it in the steamer pots on my wood stove, and the aromas are so lovely and welcoming. Helps me get through winter. Even the tissue paper the potpourri bags come in is so special. I carefully remove it to use for my gifts to others. I can’t speak highly enough of the Herb Lady potpourri.

Fredda Ceike

To The Herb Lady…

To The Herb Lady,

Just wanted you to know how much I love your products. I ordered extra Wooly Bully because I have an infestation of moths and I know it will at least chase them away if not kill them (I hope). It’s done so well in the past. Yes, I have purchased from you before at the Sugarloaf fairs (I am so sad they had to close down) and I have been so impressed with how long everything holds its scent. I am glad, so glad, you are holding on through this difficult time and I hope you will be around for years to come.

The craft fairs introduced me to The Herb Lady, and many other wonderful artisans. And I hope to be able to support your business and many others I’ve met over the years at Sugarloaf. Keep on keeping on! For this time will surely come to an end, and hopefully better days are ahead.

Thank you for a great product!
KS, Odenton, Maryland  8/11/2020

I have been purchasing potpourri

I have been purchasing potpourri and oils from you since the mid 1980’s at the Sugar Loaf Craft Festival and the one at Harpers Ferrry. The quality is so divine, I would never purchase any where else. Thank you for being in business so long.

Paula Herber


Over 20 yrs. ago, my sister (living in VA) gave me (living in CA) a Meow Wow! catnip bag. My cats STILL use/fight over it (not even refreshed!) & I just ordered 2 new ones. They’ll be so excited! If your info wasn’t printed on the linen bag, I never would’ve found you again! THANK YOU!
Tega Cay, SC

KS - Tega Cay, SC 7/21/19


Received my first order from you. Your potpourri is fantastic. I operate a small candle and soap business out of my home and wanted to add potpourri to my product line. I found you through a Google search for “Potpourri Supplies”, and I’m glad I did.

I’ve been attempting to make some on my own, but I think it will be quite a while until I can even come close to what you offer.

Johnstown, PA

MZ Johnstown, PA 3/19/19


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the potpourri, it is one of the VERY best scents ever!! My family loves the Mountain River.

VB - Sharon, Vermont 1/25/19


Just wanted to say thanks for the very quick shipment.  I am so crazy about this lilac scent and I forgot how much I missed it.  Your products are so superior to anything else on the market and I am sorry I tried the other brand, it was really bad.  Now that I have yours back I can not believe the difference in great  quality and the other.  My entire first floor smells GREAT.

Merry Christmas,

C.H. Stow, Ohio 12/11/18


I just received my MAMA’S SWEET VANILLA potpourri and it smells wonderful! I just wish I had ordered a bigger bag. I will be ordering again. Thank you.

Melinda, 6/28/18


Just wanted to thank you, I received my order today, that was really fast!!  I appreciated the rush and the product is just amazing, I have been looking for this for a long time..so glad to do business with you and look forward to the future.

Shirley, 6/16/18



Happy to say that the order arrived – utterly stellar…Will be back to reorder. Many, many thanks…simply heavenly…

Huzzah for your products!

Mandy, 6/14/18


I just wanted to let you know I received my order and everything, from packaging to the potpourri itself, was just beautiful. I am a first time customer and am really pleased that I found you on-line.

Thank you!

Amy W., 4/14/18


Thanks for the quick shipment of the ‘meow wow’ catnip – I bought it so the cats would investigate the new cat tree and to refill existing bags.  The cats are busy with it now and I thank you!

Alice K. 4/11/18


Thank you for such  prompt service.  I love the scents, it was so hard to choose.  I can’t wait to share them with my family.  We used to visit the store in Harpers Ferry so very long ago, and I was thrilled to find you again.  I loved the smell of the store because it was so fresh, but never overwhelming.

Thank you,

Lori C.  3/15/18


I am in Europe planning a brief home visit  in a week. I will buy your big bag of Wooly Bully, and just want the plain little linen bags to fill over here. They do not air condition in Belgium and the humidity is a problem. My family loves this product. When they pack away their winter wools,  have found that the wooly bully really takes care of the bugs that eat wool.  Since this will be packed, to bring back with me,  I want to bring the product over here in the big plastic bag, and then will fill the small linen bags. We put one in each box and drawer.

Nancy F., 2/2/18


We received the huge box yesterday and my mother spent today smelling each of them!!
Thanks so much !!  Even the Post Office smelled Delicious!! ??

Have a great holiday season, Melissa!

Suzanne, Dennis & Mother Marian   10/27/17



Oh my goodness! I received my reorder today and couldn’t believe the many different bags and scents! I can never use all of this so being a salesperson, I’m keeping a couple that I just can’t part with and giving a couple to some of my friends, who are also very active in the community so they can spread the word about your product. Well done and thanks!


Sharon M, 10/18/17


I received my order today!

Beautifully packaged, arrived quickly and I am AMAZED! I wish my house LOOKED as beautiful as it smells!

I absolutely LOVE Gentleman’s Blend and have it in my livingroom. Lavender wood in the downstairs bedroom smells DIVINE, I simply cannot say enough about SLEEP other than I need a vat of it, it is sooooo calming (which I need), I have Ocean in my son’s room that is decorated with an ocean theme and smells great, and Joy of Life in my garden bathroom! Oh, and I can’t wait to get Wooly Bully in my hall closet! Yay! I can FINALLY get rid of that awful mothball smell!!!!

I look forward to ordering more from you in the near future!

Kimberly, Bristol, NY  7/20/17


Thank you for sending my order out so fast! The postman didn’t want to deliver it because it smelled so good!

MS, Mertztown PA 7/3/17

Jane C

Hi Melissa,
I received the lovely potpourri and refresher.  Thank you for sending so promptly.  It is very nice and will make lovely sachets.

Jane C. 5/27/17 


I must say, I put the Wooly Bully into my linen closet (where I’m actually keeping yarn) yesterday, and the entire back of the house smells just heavenly.  I’m beyond happy with it, and will probably be exploring your other mixes in the future.

Judi 3/7/17


Dear Herb Lady,
I just opened my potpourri.  Thank you Thank you Thank you.  I have been looking for a product like this for months.

I love it.  Not only does it smell great, but it looks beautiful.  So pleased.  I will recommend this product to many people.

Connie (Schaumburg, IL, 10/20/16)


Oh my, the sachet bags I received are gorgeous!  I am so excited to fill them and give as gifts!

Pat  11/16


“I received my package a few days ago and i can’t tell you how happy i am with my purchase!!! for some reason, it’s really hard to find potpourri anywhere, let alone one that has a nice fragrance. i went to google and tried my chances with your company. after ordering, i waited for an email telling me a shipment had happened. i started to get nervous and contacted you only to go to my mailbox and see my package there! i did not expect that considering there was a holiday in the week to boot. well, i opened the packages (i ordered the 3 pack) and they not only smell heavenly but also look beautiful. my only problem is having to decide the next fragrance i will order. thank you for making such an awesome product. i will definitely be ordering again!!”

Carol C, Poughkeepsie, NY  October, 2016


“Thanks once again for your help for my daughter’s bridal shower last June.  People still tell me how nice the Lavender sachets were that we had as favors.  I kept a couple for myself and they still carry the scent.  It really was so helpful and kept the stress to a minimum for me.  You had the exact amount figured out just from the details of the bag size that I sent you.  That saved me money and figuring!”

Linda C, January 8, 2016 


“Oh my! I received the package this afternoon and I can’t tell you how much I love it! The smell is heavenly! (Morning rose) I believe I’m hooked, no other potpourri on the market compares. I will be ordering in the future for sure. Thank you, I am so glad I found you on the Internet.”

Nanci 4/4/2015


“I just received the blue lilac potpourri and oil. I love it!!!!! Can not tell you how this takes me back to my childhood. Your oil and potpourri are exceptional and I am so happy I tried them. I will be back for more.”

Carol, Ohio 6/18/2015


“Thank you for the beautiful potpourri! It just arrived yesterday, and our office already smells amazing! I don’t know if I can pick a favorite from the 4 varieties we ordered, each is so unique and full of fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm but just is so pleasant. Thanks! We will be ordering again.”

Carissa from Eden Prairie, MN  9/30/2014


It’s late and I should be getting to bed, but I just unpacked my delivery and had to e-mail you straight away. Smell is such an amazing sense, isn’t it?  I’m so beside myself with joy my eyes are tearing (and I was the only one dry-eyed in the theatre during a Notebook showing).  I haven’t been able to go back to Montana, where I grew up, for close to 20 years.  Forest Path is so fresh, so natural, so purely delightful…I feel like I’m walking through the forest to go play at my friend’s house a few acres over after a sprinkle of rain yet again, all these years later.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  My only regret is that I can’t leave it out in a bowl for fear my sporadically unintelligent cat will think it is a snack; it’s so gorgeous.  It still looks very pretty in the satchets, which I’ve hung around the house, tossed in my bags, and draped over the top of my tower fan – I even have one ready to put in the car in the morning!  I can’t thank you enough.
Yours truly,

Kelley (Tempe, Arizona, 9/16/2014)


“Dear Herb Lady,
I am writing to thank you for the wonderful quality and variety of potpourri that you carry.  Each time I open another package, the fragrances are wonderful.  I now have a total of 8 different fragrances and am pleased with each of them.  The contents are fresh, fragrant and the mixtures are well done.  I plan to try more of them.  There is something for everyone.  I have made sachets for friends and they are very pleased with the potpourri and ask where I got it.  A friend is holding a special ladies event and each guest will be receiving a complimentary sachet.  If anyone is wondering about the quality of the products, they are superior.  Thanks again Melissa.

Betty from Pasadena, California 8/12/2014 

Donna G. Henrico

“Dear Herb Lady, In June I ordered about 10 of your very lovely potpourris of Forest Path and Lavender scents.  I went to a Retreat where I gave away the 10 I bought from you to women I knew that lived far away, some even in other countries.  Everyone I gave one to commented how much they loved it.  They raved over the smell, etc.  There was a lady there from Australia who I did not happen to give one to but during the week she reminded me that I had given her some years ago and she said she cannot find them anywhere in Australia.  She has looked and looked.  I told/assured her I would be sending her some of your products in the next couple of months… Just wanted to let you know how well liked they were.  I really enjoyed giving them as gifts.  Thank you for your lovely products.”

Donna G. Henrico, VA July, 2014


“Just wanted to thank you for expediting my order. It arrived Tues just as you said, and it smells wonderful! Pretty pretty colors & mix of textures too. I will recommend you to anyone I know looking for potpourri made the right way. Thanks again!”

Vicki, web customer, September 2013


“Just wanted to say thank you for getting the potpourri here so fast.  It smelled simply amazing – the Apple Pie is a perfect mood setter for this chilly weather that is coming. I really love it and I will definitely be ordering again in the future – I even told all my coworkers to check out your website I was so excited. Thanks a bunch!”



“Several years ago, I purchased one of your Wooly Bully drawstring sachets (I believe it was at an annual Scottish Games in Fair Hill, Maryland) and fell in love with it. I recently found it amongst my clothes, still doing a great job, and I remembered that I had wanted to see if you might have a website. Thank Goodness, you do. I read about your products and was completely thrilled to hear how you go to great lengths to keep them natural and wholesome. I just wanted you to know how thankful I am that you & your products still exist, and I look forward to purchasing more in the near future.
My very best regards,



“Thank you — the order arrived in snowy Vermont today. The cats knew what was in the carton — they remembered the catnip from their lives in Maryland. And it was so wonderful to smell the pot pourri from the Herb Lady — took me back to attending the Sugarloaf Craft Fairs.



“…I received my shipment yesterday and am thrilled to have my “Joy of Life” back by our bed linens. I love it so much I use it as a personal fragrance about once a week as well.”


that was fast!  thank you! I love your products.

Nancy M, 3/6/18

Such a beautiful collection of options! 

Mary, 1/14/18

Hi Herb Lady. I ordered several potpourris and refreshers from you. I just want to tell you that I was so happy when I opened my box. Everything is so nice and professionally wrapped. I can't say enough good about you. I know you're not open on Sundays but I just wanted this chance to tell you how pleased I am. I can see that you take such pride in what you do and that's the kind of person I want to work with. Thank you for making my day very nice

Carla, La Jolla, California [voicemail received December 4, 2016]

"It smells just like Heaven would smell."

said by a customer at The National Cathedral Flower Mart, May, 2015.

"I feel like I've died and gone to delicious heaven!"

Jackie I, from Readers, Pennsylvania - Kutztown Folk Festival, July, 2015

"Your stuff is great!  I simmered it on the stove at Thanksgiving and the whole house smelled wonderful!"

said by a customer at a show in Chantilly, Virginia.

"We've spent so much money on potpourri, but yours have lasted longer than any.  We bought 1 cup of Sensuality at last year's Kutztown festival and it made the whole room smell great!  And after a year it still smells good, even after being left open in a bowl.  We just stir it around every once in awhile."

Mike and Diane from Dover, Pennsylvania at the Kutztown Folk Festival 2014

Regarding Forest Path potpourri: "I don't have to look any further because this one stole my heart."

Cathy from Springfield, VA (originally from Ashland, Maine...it reminded her of home.)

"Usually potpourri is so heavy-handed.  This is like fine wine.  It's potpourri for foodies!"

Dory A., Gettysburg, PA

"It's like a smorgasbord for the nose." 

Said by customer at the Kutztown Folk Festival, July 2013

"I smell the ocean, I smell the sunshine, I smell the mountains." 

--Carlyle, at the Kutztown Folk Festival, regarding "Clarity" potpourri

"Boy, this stuff would make even MY shoes smell good!"

BH at the Kutztown Folk Festival

"'Sensuality?'  I'll put that under my husband's pillow!"

Customer at Philly Flower Show, 2013

"I could pass out face down in a vat of that!" -Customer comment regarding her enjoyment upon smelling Lavenderwood.

Male customer sings "Heaven... I'm in heaven..."

"We have allergies and your potpourri doesn't bother us."

Cathy and Linda from Oak Hill, Virginia

Customer asks "Do you mind if I stick my face in this all day?" (regarding our display boxes full of potpourri)

"It smells like Jesus's bathroom!"

comment from a very inspired customer.

"Thank you for the nose-gasms!"

- customer at a show

"I love my Luna Potpourri. I have never had a potpourri with such a long lasting fragrance.  My plan is never to be without it."

- IL

"I think your potpourri is ABSOLUTELY DIVINE!" 

- SA

"Smelling was never so nice."

- DSW from Philadelphia, at the Somerset, NJ show

"I'm just going to inhale here [while deeply breathing in the scent of the potpourri blends] and at home I'll exhale."

- Said by a customer at a craft show.

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