Potpourri for Summer

Scent and Size:

Potpourri Scents for Summer

These potpourris are great choices for bringing the feeling of Summer into your environment...

Christmas Potpourri Recipe
Peachy Keen has a very true, rich, ripe peach scent. Soft green leaves, red and pink rosebuds and petals, and orange peel.

Lavenderwood is a customer favorite. Comprised of lavender flowers, roses, and orange peel. It has a rich lavender scent with bottom notes of balsam, and top notes of jasmine.

Mountain River is a woodsy scent for summer. It's got the clean crisp scents of cedar and sandalwood, with botanicals of cedar roses, cedar tips, rosehips, and pearly everlasting.

Fragrant Orchard is beautiful in a large bowl with its orange slices and peel, fluffy burgundy coxcomb, allspice berries, and red roses. It has a vibrant citrus fragrance derived from the pure essential oils of orange, tangerine, and grapefruit.

Sleep is soft and sweet. It's made of lavender, chamomile, and pink rose petals. It has a subtle topnote of tangerine combined with the sweet herbs. Gentle and relaxing, many customers use it for sleep pillows.

Breath of Angels is a combination of orange slices and peel, roses, pepperberries, and a seed pod known as angel wing. It has a light, refreshing sandalwood-tangerine scent.

Flowerland is a combination of red rose buds, globe amaranth, olive leaves and larkspur. It has a gorgeous floral scent. 

Joy of Life is a combination of coxcomb, red roses, pepperberries, amaranth, and olive leaves, It has a happy lilac-tangerine scent.

Morning Rose is a combination of red roses petals and buds, and pink rose petals. It has a clear open rose armona.

Sensuality is a combination of roses, pepperberries, and moss. The fragrance is a combination of rose, jasmine and sandalwood.

Belle du Jour is a combination of red rosebuds, red rose petals and some pink rose petals. It has a deep rich gardenia scent with just a touch of lilac added.