Potpourri Blends

Here are all our amazing potpourri blends listed alphabetically by name, with descriptions and photos.   Click on any image to see products we offer in that fragrance.  Wish there was such a thing as "virtual smell" so you could really get the full effect!



The deep rich fragrance of cedar and balsam.

Forest Path

Take a walk through the woods with one of our bestsellers!


Our bestseller!
Has a
lavender-balsam scent.


A great combination of crisp, clean colors and scents.

Gentle Spirit

Soft scent of vanilla, balsam and coconut. 

Mountain River

A gentle woodsy and clean blend. 

Fragrant Orchard

A refreshing mixture of bright citrus scents!


Soft and feminine. 
A jasmine and rose fragrance.

Gentleman's Blend

A wonderful woodsy mixture that warms the heart of one and all.


Pure fragrant French Lavender, rich in natural color and scent.

Morning Rose

Pink and red rosebuds and petals with a perfume of
fresh open roses.

Belle du Jour

Rose buds and petals combined with
the heady scent of gardenia

Blue Lilac

Has a pure clear and fresh lilac fragrance.

Breath of Angels

A heavenly citrus and sandalwood scent.


A beautiful, flowery potpourri.

Joy of Life

Bright, happy colors
with a cheerful
lilac-citrus scent.


The relaxing effects of lavender,
chamomile and rose.


Pink and white.Sandalwood creates this soft, gentle scent.

French Country Mint

The warm aromas of Provence in this
gentle, relaxing,
very pretty blend.

Mattie's Herb Garden

Has a clean herbal fragrance.

Earth Goddess

Lavender, cedar and sage add their magic to this subtle mixture.

Mama's Sweet Vanilla

A delicious-smelling creamy vanilla blend.  Great textures!

Wooly Bully Herbal Moth Repellent

A fantastic
alternative to mothballs
that smells great, too!



So light and breezy you can smell the beach!

Peachy Keen

A luscious, ripe, rich, fruity peach scent .

Red Hot Cinnamon

The bright spicy aroma of red-hot candy! 

Apple Pie Potpourri

Apple Pie

Red roses, cinnamon sticks and pepperberries.
Luscious apple-cinnamon scent.


A creamy cinnamon-vanilla fragrance. Smells like Chai tea.

Christmas Cheer

Our bestseller for the holidays with
its cinnamon balsam aroma.

Feliz Navidad

A festive citrus-and-spice holiday potpourri.


This cozy blend will
spice up your holidays!

Wholesale Potpourri

With more than 30 years of experience, The Herb Lady offers handcrafted potpourri direct to the public, as well as bulk and wholesale potpourri and gifts with natural fragrances.  We only use natural herbs and oils, not perfume-laden mixtures like so many commercial companies. Our potpourris are works of art, with true-to-life fragrances, delicate flowers, stunning colors, and lush textures.


Though one cannot fully appreciate our potpourris without smelling them, we provide elegant photographs of all our blends. Browse to see what sets our blends apart from the mass-produced product: balanced colors, bold textures and truly evocative names that accurately depict the composition of the fragrance.


The Herb Lady is proud to offer quality potpourris for your home to enjoy for years. We know you will fall in love with our all-natural, exquisitely crafted blends. Contact us today for more information on our gifts, bulk and wholesale potpourri for sale and more!  If you are a store or retailer, please click here to start the process of becoming a wholesale customer.