Month: September 2014

A History of Potpourri [Part 5 of 7]

Potpourri in the Victorian Era [Part 5 of 7] In the centuries that followed, potpourri-making altered significantly.  Dried flowers and herbal ingredients, and oils could all be purchased at an apothecary store.  Along with the introduction of the steam distillation process for producing essential oils, pure essential oils also became more affordable and were readily… Read more »

A History of Potpourri [Part 4 of 7]

Potpourri in the 17th Century This post is the fourth in a seven-part series, A History of Potpourri.   We arrive in France. It’s the 17th century and the crafting of potpourri, the “rotten pot,” provides a popular accessory for home decor.  Potpourri-making was a process of layering fresh flowers and herbs with coarse salt which… Read more »