Month: August 2014

A History of Potpourri [Part 3 of 7]

Potpourri in Ancient Egypt, Middle Ages, and Early Renaissance [Part 3 of 7] This post is the third in a seven-part series on potpourri throughout history.  In this session, we’ll cover potpourri in Ancient Egypt, as well as during the Middle Ages and the Early Renaissance.   Ancient Egypt Fragrant lavender, thyme and chamomile were… Read more »

A History of Potpourri (Part 2 of 7)

Scenting the Cave  This is the second blog post in a seven-part series on the history of potpourri. Though the remains of floral bouquets have been found in burial graves along with the bones of prehistoric people, we can only speculate about early Man’s use of preserved flowers and herbs to add or mask scent… Read more »