Wooly Bully Refresher Oil


Revive tired potpourri, or make it stronger anytime you wish. We send you directions and tips for using the oil, along with a dropper.  These oils can also be used in oil diffusers of all kinds, and as fragrance around the home.

We offer the Refresher Oils in 5 sizes, so just choose the size you want from the dropdown list below. 

• To a cupful of Wooly Bully potpourri, use 10 drops of Wooly Bully Refresher Oil.
• If you keep your potpourri in a bowl or a basket, and you don’t mind that some oil may get on the container itself, refresh it directly in that container.  Otherwise, place your potpourri in a roomy plastic bag.  
• Sprinkle or evenly drop the desired amount of oil onto the potpourri and toss it with your hands as if you’re tossing a salad.
Very gently moisten the entire potpourri mixture as you disperse the oil.  WASH YOUR HANDS WELL AFTER EACH USE.  You may wish to use rubber gloves.
• If you’re leaving the potpourri open in a ceramic bowl or basket, you can replace the blend back into its container right away.  If you’re using the potpourri in a cloth bag or sachet or in a light-colored basket, wait a day or two to return it its container, since the oils may be moist enough to stain the fabric.

Please note:  Although Wooly Bully has been known to clear up an infestation, we cannot guarantee that it can solve a big moth problem until you wash or dry clean your fabrics and clean the storage area.  Then add Wooly Bully to keep those pesky insects at bay!