Potpourri for Mother's Day

Scent and Size:

Mother's Day Potpourri Scents

These potpourris are popular selections for all the Moms in your life...

Belle du Jour is a combination of red rose buds and pink rose petals.  It is richly scented with gardenia and lilac. 

Christmas Potpourri Recipe
Blue Lilac is an amazing array of coxcomb, pepperberries, roses, larkspur and globe amaranth. It has a true lilac fragrance. 

Breath of Angels is a combination of orange slices and peel, roses, pepperberries, and a seed pod known as angel wing. It has a light, refreshing sandalwood-tangerine scent.

Earth Goddess is a combination of cedar tips, lavender, and white sage. It has a very earthy scent created by the combination of lavender oil, patchouli, cedarwood, and tangerine.

Flowerland is a combination of red rose buds, globe amaranth, olive leaves and larkspur. It has a gorgeous floral scent. 

Joy of Life is a combination of coxcomb, red roses, pepperberries, amaranth, and olive leaves, It has a happy lilac-tangerine scent.

Lavender in its pure form.  No oils, just its own sweet natural aroma.

Lavenderwood is a combination of lavender, red roses, and orange peel. The lavender fragrance is enhanced with balsam and jasmine. 

Mama's Sweet Vanilla is a combination of pearly everlasting, pepperberries, canella berries, and pink roses. It has a creamy vanilla scent. 

Morning Rose is a combination of red roses petals and buds, and pink rose petals. It has a clear open rose armona.

Peachy Keen is a combination of orange peel, roses, and smalley leaves. It has a very fresh ripe peach scent.

Sensuality is a combination of roses, pepperberries, and moss. The fragrance is a combination of rose, jasmine and sandalwood.