Fragrant Oils for Christmas

Choose from these scents:

You can refresh your potpourri with our holiday oils, or use them in oil diffusers. They are made from pure essential oils and high-quality fragrance oils.

Christmas Cheer
 is scented with balsam pine and cinnamon. We often hear customers comment at shows, "This smells just like Christmas!"

Clarity has a clean woodsy fragrance with a hint of citrus. 

Feliz Navidad has a bright cinnamon-tangerine scent. 

Forest Path has a fabulous balsam pine fragrance. Smells like a Christmas tree!  Customers with artificial trees like to add the scent to their tree, and dab it here and there around the room to create a real Christmas tree scent.

Peppermint Stick has a refreshing peppermint-vanilla fragrance. 

Red Hot Cinnamon has a zingy cinnamon scent, like red-hot candy.

Woodhaven has a deep rich cedar and balsam fragrance. Like being in deep forest.  

Yuletide has a richly layered fragrance of bayberry, cedarwood, pine, and cinnamon.