Your Own Assortment of 3 Medium Sheer Sachets Filled

Sachet 1 Color:
Filled with:
Sachet 2 Color:
Filled with:
Sachet 3 Color:
Filled with:

Save some money by creating your own assortment of 3 Medium Sheer sachets filled with potpourri.  You can mix and match them however you like.  You will only receive a discount on 3 if you place your order on this page. 

These are 4" x 6" see-through drawstring bag with ribbon ties.  When filled, each sachet holds about 1-cup of potpourri.  Choose from these colors:  Antique Pink, Burgundy, Ivory, Olive, and Purple. 

Just select the colors for your sachets and the potpourri you'd like to fill each one from the dropdown lists.